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Should the homeless, retarded and mentally-infirm elderly be exterminated to make room for smart people? Should the horrors of the Holocaust be ignored to rethink the old master race idea? Such an "intellectual cleansing" campaign was proposed in a recent newsletter for a Los Angeles chapter of Mensa, the organization for high-IQ people who should know better. Many of the chapter's 2,000 members have been up in arms since the November issue of Lament appeared, the Los Angeles Times reported today. Authored by two Mensa writers, one article asserts that Adolf Hitler's greatest crime was ruining public opinion regarding the concept of a master race, while a second says many of the homeless "should be humanely done away with, like abandoned kittens." The newsletter's editor, Nikki Frey, cited free-speech rights and said she "would not print anything I thought was truly harmful and insensitive."