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Camilla Parker Bowles, with whom Britain's Prince Charles has admitted having a longtime affair, today announced that she and husband Andrew Parker Bowles had divorced by mutual consent. Britain is now rife with speculation that Charles, who separated from Princess Diana two years ago, will get a divorce himself to marry the woman he loves -- the very predicament that forced his great uncle, King Edward VIII, to abdicate in 1936. Will it be the lady or the throne?TIME London bureau chief Barry Hillenbrandsays that dilemma won't arise, as the Church of England has relaxed its rules on divorce since it forced that choice on Edward. Now, Hillenbrand says, the Church merely forbids a would-be king to marry a Roman Catholic. (Mrs. Parker Bowles's husband is Catholic; she's Protestant.) But the prospect of a "Queen Camilla" remains "very, very far down the road," Hillenbrand says. For one thing, the prince must first succeed his mother on the throne to become King Charles III.