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Defense Secretary William Perry reportedly told Israeli leaders Sunday that Iran could achieve nuclear capability at any time. The United States is "very much concerned about the potential that Iran might become a nuclear power," Perry told reporters during a two-day meeting in Jerusalem. "We do not consider that an acceptable development." Perry, who spent today surveying the disputed Golan Heights as a prelude to a possible Israeli-Syrian peace agreement, said that while he believed it would probably take Iran up to 15 years to produce its own nuclear device, it might be able to buy a warhead on the black market now. Concerns over Iran's intentions were heightened on Sunday when Teheran's state-run television announced an $800 million deal with Russia to complete a half-built nuclear facility. Israeli officials have been pressing their concerns about Iran's nuclear ambitions in talks with the U.S. for a year and a half now, with little public success until today,TIME Jerusalem bureau chief Lisa Beyersays. Why? "Nobody expects a war from Egypt or Jordan; even an attack from Syria looks less likely," Beyer says. "Israelis are concerned about weapons of mass destruction in the region, and Iran is obviously the likely place."