New York Mayor Bags the Carpetbagger's Ball

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It may be Miramax’s party, but it’s still Rudy Giuliani’s town. The New York mayor hadn’t had a problem with the studio’s throwing a launch party for its new magazine, Talk -– headed by former New Yorker magazine siren Tina Brown -– at the city-owned Brooklyn Navy Yard. Until he found out who the cover girl might be: Hillary Clinton, his likely foe in the upcoming U.S. Senate race. And now Rudy’s famous foot has come down -– no Democratic-leaning faux fund-raisers on the city’s dime. "We thought that would lead to an event possibly becoming politicized," Deputy Mayor Randy Levine said Tuesday. "There was the possibility that this thing would turn into a circus."

Or maybe that the A-list gathering would be a de facto Hillary fund-raiser -– and that its main purpose would be to thumb its New York liberal media nose at Hillary’s likeliest Republican opponent. Miramax’s people says Hillary isn’t the cover girl yet; Giuliani’s say there were plenty of other reasons to deep-six the soiree. If Tina Brown and Hillary and their fancy friends want to have any fun in New York this summer, they can go to the Hamptons just like everybody else.