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Bosnian Serbs are likely to endorse a four-month truce following the week-long cease-fire that ends this Saturday, their leaders and U.N. officials said today. "There is good will on both sides, and I hope we're going to get some conclusion by the weekend," Lt. Gen. Sir Michael Rose told reporters in Pale, the Serb stronghold east of Sarajevo. Rose had reportedly also won verbal agreements from rebel Muslim forces and the Croatian Serbs to honor the truce. Still cease-fire or no cease-fire, the main issue in the conflict -- the dividing of Bosnia -- is very far from resolution, says TIME Central Europe bureau chief James Graff. Bosnian leaders insist on a plan proposed by the West, in which they would get 51 percent of the Bosnian land; Serbs have rejected the plan in the past. "It still remains an intractable problem," says Graff. "And everyone who's familiar with this region knows that cease fires are a joke."