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With Russian bombs pummeling his secession-bound republic, Chechnya's leader told the Kremlin today that he's ready to talk peace. President Dzhokhar Dudayev sent a telegram to Russian President Boris Yeltsin from a bomb shelter underneath the presidential palace in Grozny, stating he wants to start negotiations. But there was no indication from Russian or Chechen officials that the Chechen demand that all Russian troops leave before talks open would be embraced. Overhead, air strikes continued to pound the devastated city and Moscow did not publicly respond to his overture. Earlier today, the Russian defense minister said that his forces would "advance deep into the town with a view to confiscating weapons and eradicating gangs." Meanwhile, the Chechnya offensive seems to be finally sparking some internal protest: Long-time human rights activist Yelena Bonner resigned from President Boris Yeltsin's human rights commission, saying the military's actions marked Russia's return to total