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The Clinton Administration today secured the release of Bobby Hall, the U.S. army pilot in captivity in North Korea for 12 days. Hall, in North Korean hands since his helicopter was shot down over their air space on December 17, will be released in a matter of hours to U.S. representatives at an air base in Seoul, South Korea, the State Department announced. The U.S. made no concessions in the negotiations except for expressing regret that Hall's craft had veered by mistake during a routine training exercise into North Korean air space. Co-pilot David Michael Hilemon died in the incident. State Department official Thomas Hubbard went to Seoul on Wednesday and conducted negotiations in secret with the North Koreans. Just yesterday, Pyongyang released what it called a written apology by Hall for committing "a flagrant violation of international law." While the incident may not have jeopardized the North Korean's nuclear treaty with the U.S., Rep. Bill Richardson, (D-N.M.) said it had