Just When Hillary Thought It Was Safe...

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Ken Starrs aides swear hes got a conscience. In a phone-in trial balloon to Sundays New York Times, Starrs office says the independent prosecutor has decided not to indict either President or Hillary Clinton. But to clear off his desk (and maybe get some closure) before the Office of the Independent Council closes up shop for good, hes nevertheless pulling together an encyclopedic report of all the allegations, accusations and presumed malfeasances of the First Couple from Whitewater to Monica and everything in between. And right in the middle of Hillarys Senate campaign.

The OIC chorus says Starrs brow is furrowed over whether the timing of such a release would be seen as - gasp! - politically motivated. Guess what? It would. And they're supposedly also concerned that it would be poor sportsmanship to bad-mouth the leader of the free world (and her husband) when Starr couldnt even get enough for an indictment. "The question as it has been framed in the debate has been whether you put up or shut up," one adviser said. "If you can't indict her, shouldn't you just shut up?" Thats one for Starr to think about next time he takes out the garbage - hey, maybe we could stand one last data dump, just for old times' sake. Certainly, its hard to remember when incomplete evidence ever stopped Starr before.