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The man accused of firebombing a New York City subway in a scheme to terrorize and extort money from the transit authority loved the city and especially its transit system, his wife, said today in a press conference. Edward Leary "enjoyed the transit system -- he felt it was something that was a gift," his wife Marge Shaller said. A grand jury indicted Leary on several counts including attempted murder and assault. Leary faces a total of 45 counts of attempted murder and remains in critical but stable condition with severe burns covering half his body. Today his wife, who wore a wig and a wool hat as part of a disguise during the press conference, said: "No, I don't think he did it . . . I think he's a victim." Police say that Leary was holding a mayonnaise jar filled with a flammable liquid rigged with a timer when it went off Dec. 21 on a Manhattan subway, injuring 45 people. Leary will be arraigned next week after he undergoes surgery on his legs. His attorney also says Leary deni