Iíll Have a Tall Latte -- Hold the Gallstones

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Attention, coffee lovers: Now you can take comfort from your habit. As you lie awake at night because of that last cuppa joe, donít force yourself to count sheep. Consider instead the good news from Wednesdayís Journal of the American Medical Association. A study of 46,008 men has discovered that regular coffee (no decaf, please!) can significantly reduce the risk of gallstones -- by as much as half for those who drink four or more cups a day. A couple of caveats: Researchers need to do a bit more work to understand why this is so and also need to find out if the same phenomenon is true for women.

"This is a freebie for coffee lovers," says TIME medical columnist Christine Gorman. But she cautions: "If you donít drink coffee, donít rush off to take it up for this health benefit." There are downsides to coffee drinking -- it can make you wired, make your heart race and keep you up at night. So if you canít resist your cup, drink and be merry. If you can, donít worry.