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North Korea today agreed to send home the remains of David Hilemon, one of two the U.S. helicopters pilots shot down Saturday after they strayed into North Korean airspace. But U.S. officials obtained no agreement on co-pilot Bobby Hall, who reportedly was taken captive after surviving the incident. Rep. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.), who was in Pyongyang to discuss the nuclear accord that the U.S. might delay because of the copter tragedy, will oversee the return of Hilemon's body. North Korea's official radio reported Hall was "now in good health," but said Pyongyang would hold him at least until completion of a probe. Meanwhile in Washington -- where Administration officials have become apoplectic over North Korea's actions -- Defense Secretary William Perry said: "I believe the pilot made a mistake, and for many reasons we regret that mistake, but I do not believe the mistake warranted shooting down the helicopter." Perry said he had some hope Hall would be returned by Christmas, but declined to give details.