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The prosecution and defense in the O.J. Simpson trial each ended the day on losing sides of two rulings released by Judge Lance Ito. The prosecution will not be able to use in court Simpson's mysterious screams overheard during a conversation with his long-time friend, turned clergyman, Rosie Grier. Ito ruled that the conversation, overheard by a jailer, must remain confidential. TIME law reporter Andrea Sachs wasn't surprised by the ruling since Ito "had been involved in setting up the privacy of the area, so it is reasonable that Simpson felt that the communications were protected." Any defense celebration was cut short as their motion to debate the admissibility of DNA evidence before the jury during trial was denied. In an about-face from their original strategy, Simpson's lawyers hoped to begin the trial immediately, and delay arguments about DNA evidence. Sachs points to increasing signs that Simpson is running out of money as the reason behind the defense move to incorporate the hearing into the trial, but believes that the ruling was fair since, "each of the parties should know what's admissible going into the trial. The strategy would be a lot different if the evidence wasn't allowed."Post your opinion on theCrimebulletin board.