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Former presidential fence-sitter and soon-to-be ex-governor Mario Cuomo blasted the new Republican agenda -- and the voters who supported it -- with an impassioned apologia for a lifetime of liberalism. "Politicians used to think of themselves as shepherds. That's all over now," the Democrat told a full house at the National Press Club in Washington today, in what may be looked back on as his last important address as a major political figure. "Now the politicians are following the sheep: Read the polls! They'll tell you where to go to pasture!" Cuomo, who was defeated last month by Republican George Pataki, painted a picture of the GOP as tainted with racism and devoid of compassion, then admonished voters to be careful which signals they send to Washington. "If you tell them you want the death penalty, you'll get it," Cuomo said. "If you tell them to ignore sick people, you'll get it. If you tell them to ignore the poor, you'll get it. If you tell them to victimize young children, you'll get it." On the lighter side, Cuomo observed that "ever since the Republican landslide on Nov. 8, it's been getting dark outside a little earlier every day."Post your opinion on theWashingtonbulletin board.