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Former presidential hopeful Paul Tsongas is circulating a memo among political leaders proposing a third national party led by someone with "moral authority" such as Colin Powell, ex-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Tsongas' memo, published today by The Boston Globe, argues for "a passionate center party that's inclusive socially and prepared to make the hard choices fiscally . . . if it is led by the right person." The key ingredient, he writes, is "the kind of moral authority the Administration clearly does not have and that the (GOP's) 'Contract with America' cannot provide, since it is poll-driven." Tsongas told the Globe that Powell has received a copy of the memo, but that they have not discussed it. For his part, the politically-unaffiliated general told an audience last month: "I think there is a possibility of a third party in '96. I think it would be wonderful."Post your opinion on theWashingtonbulletin board.