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A few days after the furor died down over recent plans to issue a stamp showing the 1945 Hiroshima mushroom cloud, a newly-declassified document shows the U.S. had contingency plans to drop the atomic bomb on China in the 1950s. The National Archives today released an April 17, 1954 memo (signed by the secretary to the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Eisenhower Administration), which spells out plans to bomb China if the Chinese violated the tenuous truce that ended the Korean War. "In light of the enemy capability to launch a massive ground offensive, U.S. air support operations, including use of atomic weapons, will be employed to inflict maximum destruction of enemy forces," the memo says. (Eisenhower later admitted to using nuclear brinkmanship to move along U.S.-Chinese negotiations.) BTW: The memo -- one of only 30 numbered copies -- was one of 44 million WW II, Korean and Vietnam war documents recently declassified by President Clinton, one of the biggest mass declassifications in U.S. history.Post your opinion on theInternationalbulletin board.