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Flamboyant radio comic Howard Stern -- who made his fortune by being inflammatory and obnoxious on the airwaves -- can now claim at least one good deed: He delayed a callers' suicide attempt today long enough for police to show up and prevent a New York man from jumping off the George Washington Bridge. Early today, Emilio Bonilla, 29, walked to the middle of the span and called Stern on a cellular phone, threatening to jump because he was depressed. Stern got Bonilla -- who gave his name on the radio as Prince -- talking: "Listen Prince, let me tell you something . . . You might think life is a bed of roses for me or someone like that. But it's not . . . Let me tell you what you've got to look forward to. You ready, Prince? Robin's book." (Robin Quivers is Stern's sidekick on his radio show.) In the mean time, police who apparently had time to tune into Stern's show, rushed to the scene and nabbed Bonilla -- later charged with cocaine possession and reckless endangerment. Stern then announced that he's entitled to a new elevated status. "I'm a hero," he shouted. "Call the newspapers!"Post your opinion on theSocietybulletin board.