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Ex-Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell has agreed to plead guilty to two criminal charges stemming from his days as a Little Rock lawyer and is cooperating with a special prosecutor's probe of the Whitewater affair, according to news reports. Hubbell, a 15-year Clinton insider andformer partner of Mrs. Clinton, resigned from the number three spot at the Justice Departmentlast Marchamid accusations that he submitted false billings to the government. Even though the charges against Hubbell are only tangentially related to Whitewater, his deal withIndependent Counsel Kenneth Starris an embarrassment for the Administration and may put the long time associate of the Clintons in a position to shed light on whether Clinton or his wife misused their influence when he was governor of Arkansas or since the administration took power in 1993. "His eventual sentence is contingent on the amount and level of cooperation," saysTIME Washington correspondent Suneel Ratan. "It does stand to reason that he knows pretty much everything that went on in Washington over the last two years. He was the president's and First Lady's eyes and ears in the Justice Department."