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The Senate gave the nod to aworld trade agreementin a 76-24 vote Thursday evening, making passage of the accord the last act of the 103rd Congress. Debate over GATT in the Senate took up two days but the body had been expected to approve the pact despite needing a waiver with the support of at least 60 members. The Senate approved the waiver by a 68-32 tally. The 124-nation trade agreement cuts tariffs by an average of 38 percent worldwide and creates a powerful World Trade Organization to moderate trade practices and disputes. President Clinton has said it will create jobs and mean an annual increase of $150 billion in U.S. economic growth a decade from now, when the deal is fully implemented. But its opponents -- including conservatives and consumer advocates -- have said it will lead to massive manufacturing job losses and encroach on America's sovereignty. The Senate vote followed a 142-vote margin of victory in the House on Tuesday. Now that the U.S. has adopted GATT, many foreign countries plan on approving the treaty themselves.Post your opinion on theWashingtonbulletin board.