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A round of new moves in the Whitewater investigation over the last 24 hours may have current and former Clinton Administration officials fidgeting behind their desks. The Washington Times reports thatIndependent Counsel Kenneth Starris focusing on Clinton aides Bruce Lindsey and Betsey Wright in a probe of the Whitewater land deal's finances. (Wright called the Times story "poisonous poppycock and unfounded balderdash.")TIME Washington correspondent Suneel Ratansays both were involved in one of Starr's longtime targets -- the financing of Clinton's 1984 and 1990 gubernatorial campaigns. Meanwhile, Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee have sent a letter to Starr requesting a probe of testimony by Clinton advisersGeorge Stephanopoulosand Harold Ickes, saying their statements appear "to raise significant questions of veracity." One reason, Ratan says, is that the GOP members believe former Treasury Department aide Joshua Steiner's diary entries which contradict the two on Whitewater details. Steiner denied that the entries were accurate. Finally, The Washington Post reports, former Clinton Justice Department official (and law partner of Hillary Clinton) Webster Hubbell is in trouble with Starr -- the prosecutor has developed extensive evidence that he billed hundreds of thousands of dollars in phony expenses to his ex-law firm in Little Rock.Post your opinion on theWashingtonbulletin board.