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Is former California Senate candidate Michael Huffington waiting for the fat lady to sing? The Republican multimillionaire, whonarrowly lost to Democratic incumbentSen. Dianne Feinstein, refused last night -- 20 days after Election Day -- to concede, alleging voter fraud by illegal aliens who supposedly mailed in absentee ballots for Feinstein (He claims at least 75,000 documented cases so far, and he trails by 160,000 votes.) Appearing on CNN's "Larry King Live", Huffington said that if he finds sufficient evidence to back up the claim, he'll call for a new election; if not he may challenge Feinstein in the year 2000. Says TIME Los Angeles contributor Martha Smilgis, who covered the campaign: "He's just a sore loser. He lost almost $30 million of his own money. But keep in mind that his father (a Texas oil baron) is worth $600 to $700 million, and he wants his son to be President."Post your opinion on theElection '94bulletin board.