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Just days after voters turned Congress over to members of their own party, Republican governors predicted that the federal government is certain to have less say about running the country. "On Election Day the people of America said, 'we've had it with Washington,'" said Virginia Gov. George Allen, host of the three-day meeting of the Republican Governors Association in Williamsburg, Va. Asserted Maine Gov. John McKernan said: "The states are the vehicle for making sure the country prospers."Still the Republican governors are counting on Congress to reduce mandates and give them more flexibility in implementing Medicare,welfare, education and other programs. The new GOP majority in both houses favor their kind of reform, the GOP governors say. "I think there is a unique opportunity to see some things change," said George Voinovich of Ohio. "President Clinton is going to turn a new leaf. He is going to be an enlightened ex-governor and do everything he can to help us get at this mandate problem."Post your opinion on theWashingtonbulletin board.