An Arrest Imminent, but Still No Real Answers

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LITTLETON: "There will be an arrest in this case," Jefferson County D.A. Dave Thomas told Katie Couric Thursday morning. But the first break in the Littleton massacre provides little in the way of real answers -- just a "how" rather than a "why." Authorities say they are negotiating the surrender of a man who sold a semiautomatic TEC DC-9 handgun to the underage Harris and Klebold in a "private transaction." The charge is selling a handgun to minors and nothing more; according to the Denver Post, police have little reason to think that the seller -- or the pizza delivery driver that may have introduced Harris and Klebold to the seller -- knew about the planned massacre.

Meanwhile, the possible case against Robyn Anderson, the girlfriend who is reported to have bought guns on behalf of the killers, remains in limbo. Buying the youths long guns isn't illegal in and of itself. "Did she supply the weapons to them with some idea of what they were planning to do with them?" said sheriff's spokesman Steve Davis. "That's still one of the major things we want to find out." Though Davis says he has "six hundred" leads, the lone imminent arrest of someone who appears to have had no foreknowledge of the horrors in store hardly seems like progress -- except for the NRA, which is now free to argue that the gun laws we already have obviously don't work too well. What's the point of enacting more?

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