Amid Confusion, Killer's Prom Date in Spotlight

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LITTLETON: Eight days later, the smoke still hasn't cleared. Reports, even from within the Jefferson County Sheriff's department, have sometimes diverged, and the lines between "suspect," "subject of our investigation" and the more benign "witness" seem hopelessly blurred. But the list of possible accomplices is up to four, the most notable of whom is Robyn Anderson, 18, who was Dylan Klebold's prom date three days before the shootings and who bought the boys two guns at a gun show months earlier.

"We're getting a lot of conflicting information here," says TIME Denver bureau chief Richard Woodbury. "But there have been reports that Anderson will be arrested soon." There's less to go on with the three teenage boys police stopped outside the high school just as the shooting started. "They were in combat fatigues," Sheriff John Stone said at a briefing late Tuesday. "They said they heard it on the radio," he said, referring to the fact that the youths seemed to know about the shootings even though the incident had just begun. "Well, it wasn't on the radio at that time," he added. Stone said the three -- identified by the Denver Rocky Mountain News as Matthew Christianson, Matt Akard and Jim Branetti -- knew the killers and had been associated with the "Trenchcoat Mafia." Mighty suspicious. But the boys were unarmed and had not fired a gun, tests showed, so they have not been detained. But they'll be back under the lights soon. "In my mind," said Stone, "it has not been put to rest nor have my investigators communicated back to me that these people are totally clear of any suspicion." Got that?

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