Kosovo a Factor in Killing of TV Anchor?

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Have Serb assassins struck in London? One of the theories being considered by detectives investigating the execution-style shooting Sunday of Jill Dando was that the Princess Diana-meets-Katie Couric TV anchor was a casualty of the Kosovo conflict. Killed outside her apartment by a single bullet fired at close range, Dando had spearheaded the BBC's fund-raising efforts for Kosovar refugees, and her death came days after a NATO bomb killed a number of Serb TV personnel in Belgrade. But Dando had also been the host of "Crime Watch" (an equivalent of "America's Most Wanted"), and her murder may have been the work of a perp spotlighted by the show.

As the murder prompted a public outpouring of grief in Britain reminiscent of the Diana tragedy, police on Wednesday viewed security camera footage and interviewed witnesses in an attempt to create a profile of the killer. They had earlier appealed to "the underworld" for help in tracing the weapon. "Because private ownership of handguns is largely illegal in Britain, the logistics of tracing the murder weapon are very different from those in the States," says TIME London correspondent Aisha Labi. "There's a much smaller pool of guns out there, and a potential informant on the origin of the weapon could lead to a quick breakthrough."