Chernobyl Virus Set to Strike

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The high-tech world braced for a computer virus attack today. The so-called CIH 1.2 virus has been popping up on PCs for some time, and it's set to go into action on April 26, the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Several groups that monitor computer viruses have issued warnings about CIH 1.2, which is known as a "space filler" virus because it works by filling up space on its host computer's hard drive, hiding from anti-virus software by tucking itself into memory reserved for various utility applications. When it strikes, it infects a computer's BIOS or "basic input/output system," a part of the machine so fundamental that a computer affected by CIH 1.2 won't even boot up. According to a Reuters report, most up-to-date antivirus software should be able to stop the virus before it strikes.