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When the terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad bombed Israelis in recent weeks, U.S. officials vowed to clamp down on their fundraising apparatus in -- of all places -- the United States. "Jihad in America," the first look at the groups' U.S. activities, airs Monday from 9-10 p.m. EST on many PBS stations, despite protests and intense pressure from U.S. Muslim groups to yank it. The documentary begins with the World Trade Center bombing and winds through a 38 city support network. PBS, rattled by Muslim accusations that it's an unfair attack on the 6-million-member minority, is now giving Islamic leaders a platform on the "Charlie Rose" show Monday. But Martin Koughan, the film's co-producer, told TIME Daily that "Jihad" takes pains to distinguish the radical fringe from ordinary Muslims. "Everybody knew it was a hot potato," he said. But he says the content -- like plans to blow up several American skyscrapers -- speaks for itself.