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A grand jury today went ahead and chargedFrancisco Martin Duran, the Colorado man accused of spraying the White House with bullets Oct. 29, with trying to assassinate President Clinton. U.S. Attorney Eric Holder said prosecutors would argue Duran -- who could face life in prison -- intended to kill the president when he allegedly fired 29 rounds at the mansion, where Clinton was watching TV. Duran pleaded not guilty to the 11-count indictment, which included charges of assaulting Secret Service agents, destroying federal property and illegal weapons possession. Duran, 26, was found competent to stand trial after a note was found hinting at his intentions. And today, Holder chastised other, unidentified people -- including some at the scene of the shooting -- who he said knew something of Duran's plan, but shirked their "civic and moral duty" to tell authorities before the bullets flew.Post your opinion on theCrimebulletin board.