The Colorado Shooting: Who Helped?

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LITTLETON: Dead gunmen may tell no tales, but the living had better start talking. After finding a hefty 20-pound propane bomb hidden in Columbine High's kitchen, police are not only sure Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold planned something grander than a shootout -- like blowing up the school -- they're becoming convinced that the two teenage terrorists had help. With 30-odd smaller bombs already found scattered around the school, police are still sweeping the halls for more. Every box, briefcase and backpack is a suspect, and as the tally mounts, "we're questioning the ability of two people to bring that many" into the school, Steve Davis, spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department said on Thursday. "We just feel there is an extremely good chance there are others involved."

They apparently also left a note, which according to CNN accepted full reponsibilty for the rampage -- but authorities are hardly ready to believe that. So the 60 or 70 detectives on the case are casting the net wide, interviewing acquaintances, classmates and relatives of the gunmen. They are also looking into some surveillance video that may show movement in and out of the school in the days leading up to the massacre. Meanwhile, the names of the dead have been released, along with thumbnail sketches of this or that young life that Harris and Klebold snatched away on Tuesday. Isaiah Shoels was a black athlete, and apparently targeted for it. Kelly Fleming was an aspiring songwriter. But there's someone not on that list of 13 that police are most interested in now. Someone who knew, and helped. Someone who could explain.

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