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President Clinton -- immediately drawing fire from remaining liberal allies -- last night said he wouldn't rule out working with thenew Republican-controlled Congresson a constitutional amendment supporting school prayer. Asked about the GOP proposal, Clinton said, "I want to reserve judgment. I want to see the specifics. I'll be glad to discuss it with (the Republicans). . . . I certainly wouldn't rule it out. It depends on what it says." White House advisers downplayed the statement, but it was the first time Clinton ever signaled willingness to play ball on the issue, and GOP leaders, including future House Speaker Newt Gingrich, praised him. But Arthur J. Kropp, president of the progressive People for the American Way, weighed in: "Instead of taking his cues from Newt Gingrich, President Clinton should be standing for the constitutional rights of all schoolchildren."Post your opinion on theWashingtonbulletin board.