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Relief workers' mounting frustration with the oustedRwandan militia's virtual takeover of refugee campspeaked today when a leading aid group, Doctors Without Borders, pulled out of five refugee camps in eastern Zaire. The group says it will leave the region entirely unless soldiers and armed youths loyal to Rwanda's old Hutu government -- the same gangs that massacred up to 500,000 rival Tutsis this year -- stop stockpiling relief supplies and intimidating others Hutus from returning home. TIME Nairobi Bureau Chief Andrew Purvis says the move may finally prompt the United Nations to send in a promised police force to separate Hutu forces from refugees. But "it won't be possible," says Purvis. "Hutu leaders will tell you that these are their children -- young people spontaneously rising up and defending their people."U.N.-FUNDED CIVIL WAR REDUX? Purvis says millions in U.N. aid to Rwandan could, ironically, be used to restart the civil war. The former Hutu leaders now have near-total control of the $2.5 million flowing into the camps each day and Hutu forces are already making forays into their homeland. "It's our money, it's taxpayer dollars and all these Christmas benefit funds for Rwandan refugees are going into the hands of killers," he says, "while the (legitimate) Rwandan government can't get a cent from the international community."Post your opinion on theInternationalbulletin board.