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In a development sure to reverberate far beyond Central Europe, NATO's European partners announced today that they will continue to enforce anarms embargo against the former Yugoslaviaeven though the U.S. partially lifted it this weekend. "This forms a wedge between the Europeans and Americans," says TIME Brussels Bureau Chief Jay Branegan. "It has the potential for causing a serious transatlantic political split." While the Clinton administration, backed by U.S. anti-Serb sentiment, has started to allow weapons to flow to the poorly armed Muslim-led Bosnian government, "Europeans see the conflict as much more complicated, opting to rely on a long series of negotiations," says Branegan. So, while the politics won't significantly alter the fighting, Western Europeans are stung by the U.S. decision to abandon the embargo. At stake now is the tone of U.S.-European relations. As the powers fiddled, the fighting in Bosnia worsened, with reports indicating Serbs have partially reversed recent Bosnian government gains. Fighting raged in northwest and northeast Bosnia and the Serbs continued their shelling of the U.N. weapons-free "safe" area of Tuzla, killing one person and wounding three.Post your opinion on theInternationalbulletin board.