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House Speaker-to-be Newt Gingrich today revealed a transition team in place to secure GOP control of Congress by January. And Gingrich said he'd hold the House in session seven days a week, if necessary, to pass the Republicans' "Contract with America" by April. Flanked by Rep. Dick Armey of Texas, the likely next Majority Leader, Gingrich told reporters that the new leadership would press for the package -- which includes welfare reform, a crime bill, a series of tax cuts, a reduction on capital gains taxes, term limits and a balanced budget amendment -- in their first 100 days. Armey pooh-poohed questions about Republican revenge against Democrats: "Armey's axiom is that you can't get ahead while you're getting even," he said. Not addressed: how the GOP will pass the package working under rules it wanted as the minority party allowing endless amendments to bills.