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The Internet will serve as host to its first live concert, as real-time audio and video of theRolling Stones' November 18 Dallas show will be "multicast" from the Cotton Bowl. The Stones are offering the free 20-minute preview to promote their November 25 pay-per-view event and to test current Net capabilities. Though the broadcast will make cyberhistory, video quality will be far inferior to television and usual Internet access methods won't provide "Satisfaction." Powerful computers, like those used as servers, must be configured as hosts, capable of receiving the feed which comes over the Multicast Backbone, or MBONE, which is a system of Internet sites set up to provide video and audio transmission. For the Stones, a system of 900 Internet locations in 20 different countries will be connected to the MBONE.Post your opinion on theNew Mediabulletin board.