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Future House SpeakerNewt Gingrichtoday spelled out what could turn out to be a mantra in his dealings with the Clinton administration: "Cooperation yes, compromise no." In his first speech since Election Day, Gingrich warned that fundamental elements of his Contract with America were non-negotiable: stiffer criminal penalties, tax cuts, the balanced budget amendment, and a line item veto. But he said he'd cooperate with President Clinton -- provided he agreed with his policies. Gingrich reserved his harshest words for anti-poverty programs. "They ruined the poor," he said. "They created a culture of poverty and a culture of violence which is destructive of this civilization, and they have to be replaced thoroughly from the ground up."Once again, he went on the offensive against his charge that Clinton holds left-wing out-of-touch views: "Those who argued for counterculture values, bigger government ... and bureaucracies deciding how you should spend your money were on the losing end in virtually every part of the country." Gingrich also sounded a note of urgency: Because of poverty, violence, illiteracy and teen-age sex resulting in pregnancy and AIDS, "what is ultimately at stake in our current environment is literally the future of American civilization as it has existed for the last several hundred years."Post your opinion on theElection '94bulletin board.