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While longtime Democratic heavy hitter Richard Gephardt of Missouri seems certain to become House minority leader, theparty's future leadershipin the more conservative Senate is far from certain. The likely favorite to succeed Maine's George Mitchell as Senate leader was Jim Sasser of Tennessee, but Sasser was the victim of a shocking upset Tuesday. Sources tell TIME congressional correspondent Karen Tumulty that a top contender is Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. "I've been told that he's interested and he's making a round of calls," Tumulty says. At 50, Dodd has 14 years in the Senate, and has made children's issues andforeign policy his forte. Another serious contender for the position is South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle. But some party elders say the eight-year veteran doesn't have enough experience to stand up to his strident opponent -- G.O.P. leader Senator Bob Dole of Kansas.Post your opinion on theElection '94bulletin board.