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Some key Republicans, salivating at the thought of controlling congressional committees, couldn't wait to announce the general direction of their future legislative efforts. Bill Archer of Texas -- likely to chair the House Ways and Means Committee -- says he will move quickly to push for areduction of the capital gains taxand to work toward "a complete replacement of the income tax," perhaps with a national sales tax. Meanwhile, North Carolina's Jesse Helms, who will take over the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, wants to slash foreign aid, an annual program that he says "has spent an estimated $2 trillion of the American taxpayers' money, much of it going down foreign rat holes." Then there's Virginia Congressman Thomas Bliley, who will probably head the Health and Environment Subcommittee. Bliley said he will endcongressional tobacco probes. "I don't think we need any more legislation regulating tobacco," he said. Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico -- who as likely Budget Committee chair gets to push key elements of the G.O.P.'s Contract with America -- will move quickly on the constitutional amendment requiring abalanced budget. Finally, Kansas Congressman Pat Roberts, likely chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, is setting his sights on "the fraud, waste and abuse, and the organized-crime entrance in the food stamp program."Post your opinion on theElection '94bulletin board.