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Moving quickly to launch his version of the cultural revolution, incomingG.O.P. House Speaker Newt Gingrichcalled President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton "counterculture McGovernicks" and went on to label the White House a circle of "left-wing elitists." Gingrich wasted no time moving away from his uncharacteristically conciliatory Tuesday tone as his party swept the midterm elections. In an interview with the Washington Post yesterday, he fell off the bipartisan peace train. He said Clinton would be "very, very dumb" to block theconservative agenda, which he said will include his own 10- to 12-year effort to fight "elites" who oppose government efforts to deal with moral issues. As part of that initiative, he pledged to force by July a vote on a constitutional amendment restoring voluntary school prayer. "The Washington Post deliberately distorted what I was saying," Gingrich told reporters today.Post your opinion on theElection '94bulletin board.