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Look for some quick legislative and administrative initiatives by the new Republicans to "show right out of the box that they are different" says TIME's Tumulty. First up, predicts Tumulty, expect nothing less than enactment of an amendment to the Constitutional amendment forcing a balanced budget -- a move which does not require presidential signature. Second, Tumulty says Speaker Newt Gingrich will do what he's promised to do for a long time -- cut each House member's staff by a third.Clinton's personal cause -- healthcare -- is on the back burner for now. "The administration has no choice but to come in with a drastically scaled back plan -- if at all," Tumulty says. Legislation that a Gingrich-Dole Congress will push is likely to contain elements of the Reaganite Contract with America: Tax cuts, stronger death penalty laws, welfare reform and term limits.Post your opinion to theElection '94bulletin board