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Despite a perceived anti incumbent fever across the land, the vote yesterday was decidedly anti-Democratic, political pundits said. Election results show a complete distaste for President Clinton -- as evidenced by the defeat of the popular Texas Governor Ann Richards. In exit polls, about half of the voters leaving polling places said their pocketbook situations hadn't improved under Clinton and a quarter said things were worse for them. So the voters got even with Democrats -- the party running Congress for most of their lifetimes. "Not since 1952 have Republicans controlled the United States Congress," crowed Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas. "That's when Eisenhower was elected president, the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, and a postage stamp cost 3 cents." Expect Republicans to pursue a Reaganite agenda through the decade, with Speaker Gingrich aggressively pushing his Contract for America.TIME political writerLaurence I. Barrettsays the "election comes as close as we've come to a realigning election." The next few days will have a conciliatory tone -- however, expect vicious, bloody fights after Congress gets down to business, he says. "After we get through this interlude, we'll see a lot of gridlock on any real initiatives," he says. The reason? While the GOP cleaned up, it didn't get enough seats to override a handy little thing called a presidential veto.Post your opinion to theElection '94bulletin board