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As the leadership mantle passes to the GOP, Newt Gingrich becomes Speaker of the House and Bob Dole assumes the post of Senate Majority Leader. Key committee chairs are certain to block all but clearly centrist or right-leaning Clinton administration legislative initiatives. In the Senate, North Carolina's Jesse Helms is in line to take over the Foreign Relations Committee and Alfonse D'Amato, of New York, will chair the Banking Committee -- the one he'll use to implement his long-standing call for a more aggressive, comprehensive Senate Whitewater probe. South Carolina's Strom Thurmond will now take charge of the Armed Services Committee, while a long-time critic of defense spending, Oregon's Mark Hatfield, heads up Appropriations. Utah's Orrin Hatch will now take control of the Judiciary Committee, while moderate Bob Packwood, of Oregon, chairs Finance.In the House, Bill Archer of Texas will head the Ways and Means Committee and Jim Leach, another outspoken Whitewater prober, now is number one in Banking. William Clinger of Pennsylvania, who opposed Clinton's health care initiatives, will now head the Committee on Government Operations. Illinois abortion foe Henry Hyde is in line for the Judiciary Committee.Post your opinion to theElection '94bulletin board