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In the face of huge Republican gains, Democrats managed to stave off a challenge in Virginia, where incumbent Democrat Chuck Robb defeated Ollie North 46-43 percent. And, in California, voters sent Senator Dianne Feinstein back to her upper house job with a 47-45 percent margin. But in bellwether Pennsylvania, Incumbent Harris Wofford lost to GOP neophyte Rick Santorum 49-47 percent. And heavy hitter Democrat Jim Sasser from Tennessee lost to surgeon Bill Frist 56-42 percent -- one of two seats that the GOP took in that state. Attorney-actor Fred Thompson handily won the other. Slim Democratic hopes late Tuesday night were dashed in two tight key races -- Washington Republican Slade Gorton easily won reelection, while in Minnesota Rep. Ron Grams defeated Ann Wynia.Post your opinion to theElection '94bulletin board