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Looking mournful and sounding hoarse, President Clinton, who found himself behind a very large Republican 8-ball this morning, trudged out in front of TV cameras this afternoon to extend his weaker hand to the victorious Grand Old Party. "We are ready to work together to serve all the American people in a non-partisan manner," Clinton said at a press conference, inviting Republicans to collaborate on a moderate legislative agenda over the last two years of his term. "I reach out to them today and I ask them to join me in the center of public debate." Clinton also promptly accepted some blame for the Democrats' trouncing: He claimed voters haven't yet felt the impact of his efforts on economic growth, world trade, education and crime but allowed that Americans want "smaller government" and "still don't like what they see when they watch us working here" in Washington. But the president drew the line at pledging cooperation with House Speaker-in-waiting Newt Gingrich's Reaganite Contract with America: "I will do all in my power to keep anyone from jeopardizing our economic record by taking us back to the policies that failed us before."Post your opinion to theWashingtonbulletin board