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In a victory that's important for O.J. addicts, cameras-in-court backers and networks chasing high ratings, Judge Lance Ito ruled today that cameras will be allowed to cover what's certain to be the most widely-watched trial in history. Ito said recent TV coverage has shown "restraint" and he placed just one restriction on TV and still cameras: they must be operated by remote control. Ito's ruling came after a massive effort by news organizations to cajole him into letting in the cameras. "The camera pleads absolutely, 100 percent not guilty," said Court TV attorney, and First Amendment specialist Floyd Abrams, borrowingSimpson's famous innocent plea. "It didn't do anything wrong. It hasn't shown anything wrong. It hasn't violated any court rule." With this issue decided it now makes the sequestration of the jury -- a ruling Ito has yet to make -- much more probable says TIME law reporterAndrea Sachs. "It would make it impossible to stop the jurors from hearing about the trial otherwise."Post your opinion on theCrimebulletin board.