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Races for governorin key, large states today showed some unexpected movement as challengers closed in on incumbents, both Democrats. In New York, Gov. Mario Cuomo, who just a week ago had a 16-point lead in the polls over GOP rival George Pataki, saw his advantage evaporate to just 4 percent, a New York Post/WNBC poll shows. Cuomo's gains two weeks ago after the surprise October 24 endorsement by New York City's mayor may have taken place too soon. Now the race is too close to call. The other race that's unpredictable at this point is the Texas gubernatorial contest. Latest poll numbers showGeorge W. Bushwith a 48-44 edge. Still, as the polling was taking place, Ross Perot endorsed Richards, so her support may jump.Post your opinion on theElection '94bulletin board.