How I Learned To Love the Potato

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The black comedy that perfected the form, the late Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove is more about nuclear war -- and of course bodily fluids -- than the kind we're fighting now. But take the alternate title, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, and you've got a decent description of Bill Clinton's foreign policy. No endgame? No vision? No problem. Just push the button and let those smarties fly. Kubrick found Peter Sellers in Lolita; the U.S. found let-'er-fly diplomacy in the Gulf War. And you know what? They've both served us pretty darn well.

This week's Please Remain in Your Homes feature? CP thinks he's found one to skip. Fans of The Truman Show (like CP) might get an unambitious chuckle out of EdTV. But in the real remake category, one look at the papers ("A film of unusual ineptitude," raved the New York Times) and CP's ready to bet the farm that The Mod Squad, stripped of its afros, funky title sequence, and the heroin chic of Peggy Lipton, has flushed it's soul down the '90s post-mod crapper. Find the old pilot. Watch. Repeat. And as always, rewind.