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A Pensacola jury took just 20 minutes today to convict Paul Hill of murder in theJuly shotgun killings of an abortion doctorand his bodyguard. Hill now faces either life in prison or death in the electric chair -- a fate determined when the jury returns Thursday. Hill, acting as his own lawyer, offered no defense during his three-day trial. Hill had ambushed Dr. John B. Britton, 69; his unarmed bodyguard, James H. Barrett, 74; and Barrett's wife, June, 68, as the three arrived at the Ladies Center clinic on July 29. He was barred from arguing that the slayings were justifiable homicides committed in order to save the unborn. Last month, Hill became the first person convicted of violating a new federal law that bars harassing or using violence against people entering abortion clinics. He could be sentenced to life in prison for that crime on Dec. 9.Post your opinion on theCrimebulletin board.