Hillary Hears Strains of The Music She Will Face

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To scandal cognoscenti, there was nothing new in the headline last week that Ken Starr’s chief deputy once drafted an indictment against Hillary Clinton. But the confirmation by prosecutor W. Hickman Ewing, coming at the outset of Whitewater figure Susan McDougal’s trial for contempt, sent chills through the First Lady and those advising her as she considers a run for a New York Senate seat, sources say. As a sign of things to come, says one, “this most recent news gives you pause.”

The case against McDougal, along with the June 14 trial of Hillary’s former law partner Webster Hubbell, are certain to stir all the old questions about Hillary’s own ethics. Her name was mentioned no fewer than 36 times in the indictment against Hubbell last fall. But despite the new signal of how bumpy a ride she may face, Hillary headed off to North Africa no closer to a decision, an adviser says. “She’s exactly where she was four weeks ago.”