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Francisco Martin Duran, the Colorado man charged with shooting at the White House Saturday, refused today to go on with a pre-trial mental exam after his lawyer -- a public defender -- filed a motion asking for a delay. Prosecutors want the test to see if Duran was competent to participate in his defense. Meanwhile, President Clinton said he and his family planned no big changes to increase security; the gunman "was obviously trying to do something to draw attention to himself, not trying to hurt us," Clinton told WPRO radio in Providence, R.I. Nonetheless, TIME White House correspondentJames Carney's noticed that security is "noticeably tighter" around the president, including more intensive screening of people at political rallies and motorcade arrivals in covered entranceways. But Carney says neither Clinton nor Chief of Staff Leon Panetta like the most drastic option floated this weekend closing off part of Pennsylvania Avenue.