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O.J. Simpson may be far more distraught than his placid -- almost bored -- expression under Court TV's headlamp shows. On Wednesday, defense attorney Johnnie Cochran asked Ito to let his client speak briefly about whether he could get a fair trial. Simpson started talking about the infamous June 17 low-speed chase on a Los Angeles freeway in which he, riding in a white Ford Bronco, was trailed by several squad cars from the Los Angeles police. Growing increasingly agitated, Simpson reportedly said: "Mrs. Clark -- Ms. Clark -- said I was trying to run . . . Everyone knows that I called my father-in-law. I was not in a frame of mind. I admit that I was not in the right frame of mind at the time I was trying to get to my wife. ..." O.J.'s attorney Robert Shapiro shut his client down with the threat that he'd resign from the case.