Republican Freshmen: Four Faces of Washington's Reshaped Political Landscape

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CNN: Do you feel like that's the impact that you are having?

GOSAR: Exactly.

LABRADOR: Absolutely.

GRAVES: I hope it's the message from America that he is hearing all across the land, that people expect leadership.

TIME: Do you think that if he wins in succeeding in passing the deficit reduction package, whatever it might be, that it might help him? Does that take the wind out of the Tea Party's sails?

LABRADOR: We can't worry about who wins reelection. I think we should be here about the next generation. I have five kids. I'm worried about their future. I'm not worried about whether Obama gets reelected or not. If that's the byproduct of him doing the responsible thing, then that's what happens.

On the stereotype of scary freshmen:

CNN: You know, if you listen to some of the rhetoric about the GOP freshman class, you hear certain words. You hear from Democrats, hostage — that Speaker Boehner is being held hostage by this faction of Republicans. You hear some pretty inflammatory language. And it's directed at you guys. What do you think of that?

LABRADOR: I'm glad — we came here to make a difference. And they want the status quo. And every time the status quo is unhappy with change, they're going to attack the messengers of that change. And I think that's fine. They really don't understand that the American people are taking that personally. The American people want the same change we're asking for. And if they keep talking like that, they're going to lose the Senate, which I think is going to happen.

GRAVES: It goes back to that spirit of the freshman class. We're not going to sit on the backbench. And to watch it work is amazing. And I think it's a benefit to the leadership in the House. I think it provides them a lot of support to push forward and when we have to face some of these difficult challenges.

BUERKLE: You know the fiber of the freshman class is so diverse, we come from so many backgrounds. I have six children. We came here not to be career politicians but to make a change, because we all realize — regardless of nuances — we all realize that our country right now is at a crossroads. And this year we have to make changes. So I think it's a great group and it's spirited and everyone is trying to do the right thing.

GOSAR: I would also say they've actually called me Hermie — I am a dentist. If I do my job and I pull that molar out, I've done my job. I kind of like that.

TIME: But, root canals are painful. [Laughter]

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